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Regis Industrial Relations is located in the Southern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia predominantly the Fremantle area however we cover all of the Perth Metropolitan area and the country regions of Western Australia. Regis Industrial Relations also accepts interstate clients.

The complexities of  industrial relations laws often cause confusion to employers and employees alike. We have a good understanding of the latest industrial relations laws and legislation and draw upon this comprehensive knowledge when acting on your behalf.

Our areas of expertise are said to include but are not just limited to the following; 

The complexities of  industrial relations laws regarding an unfair dismissal often causes confusion to employers and employees alike. It is important to act on the dismissal as soon as possible. If your employer is a constitutional corporation (e.g. Pty Ltd or Inc) then you come under the federal system and the Fair Work Commission and have a time limitation of 21 calendar days to file an application seeking a remedy for the unfair dismissal. If you are employed under a State system (i.e. your employer is not a federally constituted corporation) then you have 28 calendar days to file your application in the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission. You may also be entitled to a denied contractual benefits claim. A contractual entitlement is where a benefit which is due under your employment contract (not an Award) has not been denied by the employer. Refer to our Unfair Dismissal page for more detailed information on Unfair Dismissal in the Federal System  (Fair Work Commission) or State System (Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission) and Denied Contractual Benefits. For further information please refer to our unfair dismissals page.

Regis Industrial Relations is able to provuide you comprehensive representation in your matter for unfair dismissal, adverse action or denied contractual benefits irrespective of whether your are in the federal or state system i.e. tif the matter is in the Fair Work Commission or the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission and our representation is not just confined to one State it encomappasses all Australian States and Territories.

Regis Industrial Relations offers a dedicated Human Resource Management consultancy service. This compliments our established area in industrial relations and workplace harassment services we provide to clients.

We understand the value of your employees being your best asset. Developing a workforce that is dynamic, diverse, flexible, customer orientated and focused on the bottom line is challenging to say the least. That's why we offer tailored HR solutions that help you meet these challenges. We provide personal service, quality advice and specialise in working with small to medium sized business.

We can help you develop work health and safety policies and programs that ensure compliance with SafeWork Australia regulations and standards.

You would be surprised of the number businesses that under estimate the importance of having in place employment contracts to protect the interest of their business and that of their employees. Navigating the myriad of employment laws in Australia can be complex to say the least. So why not contact Regis Industrial Relation  to ensure your business is legally compliant with the Fair Work Act; or relevant State Industrial Relations Acts and Regulations are compliant with the ever changing Employment and Occupational Safety and Health but also in a good position to retain key employees.

The Fair Work Act 2009 provides for general protections provisions aimed to protect workplace rights and freedom of association and to provide protection from workplace discrimination. An person employer must not take any adverse action against an employee because that employee has a workplace right, has exercised a workplace right, or proposes to exercise such a right. Adverse action' includes dismissing or refusing to employ someone, and also includes discriminating against them or otherwise injuring them in their employment (by for example demoting them). Further a person an employer must not take adverse action against an employee because he or she has engaged in lawful industrial activity (such as belonging to or participating in a union) an employer must not dismiss an employee because the employee is temporarily absent from work because of illness or injury. An employer must not take any adverse action against an employee or even a prospective employee because of his or her race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family or carer's responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.

From the 1st of January 2010 employers and employees in the national workplace system are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES)
Under the NES, employees have certain minimum conditions. Together with pay rates in modern awards (which also generally take effect from 1 January 2010) and minimum wage orders, the NES makes up the safety net that cannot be altered to the disadvantage of the employee. For further information about the National Employment Standards refer to our page the NES.

In the current industrial relations environment, focus at the level of individual alternate dispute resolution and mediation is fast becoming more viable and is often cheaper and faster than more traditional method of resolving your dispute rather the going through the rigours of arbitration such as through the courts or before the commissions.

We offer pragmatism, sensitivity and wisdom to help you resolve and settle workplace disputes through our mediation and alternate dispute resolution service, where our advocates are highly skilled in mediation and negotiation

Workplace harassment, sexual harassment and bullying and even racial vilification is becoming more prevalent in today's work environment. There are procedures in place to help prevent or deal with these issues when they becomes a major stress in the employees life. Harassment and bullying also breaches the occupational health and safety act and regulations. We hold to expertise to help you through such a troubling time and seek a resolve to these practices.

To find out more about the comprehensive services that Regis provides why not spend some time and browse through our web pages to help you gain a better understanding of today's employment climate and the hidden ramifications it holds for you.

Remember that with some matters time limits apply with which to file and lodge an application. Do not put off making an appointment. It is best to find out where you stand and what options are available to you as soon as practicable before you are out of time.

For peace of mind that your matter is being handled professionally and with integrity contact Regis Industrial Relations today.

Regis Industrial Relations is located in the Southern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia predominantly the Fremantle area however we cover all of the Perth Metropolitan area and the country regions of Western Australia. Regis Industrial Relations also accepts interstate clients. If you have a query or wish to make an appointment please refer to the contact details below.

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