Industrial Relations issues can be simple or more complex than you first thought. It may be that a solution can be arrived at during your initial consultation.

At the initial consultation we will

                identify the scope of your problem

                if practicable solve the problem then and there

                explain all options that are available to you

                explain the process i.e. filing your application, conciliation conference and if it proceeds to trial the arbitration processl

                explain the costs involved.

Making an Appointment 

You must make an appointment before attending our office. Due to your circumstances you may experience difficulty finding a suitable time for an appointment during the day. If this is the case then we may be able to schedule an after-hours or weekend consultation for you at no extra cost.

Please note we do not provide telephone or email advice


There maybe a charge for your initial consultation however you are under no further obligation to continue using our service. At the initial consultation all costs will be explained. This Office does not request that you make any payments upfront. You pay for our services once your matter is settled . The only fee we ask that you pay upfront is the filing or disbursement fee commencing your application in Fair Work Australia Commission or the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

If we take your matter on you will be required to sign a Terms of Engagement Contract which will be explained to you at the time of your consultation.

Remember that with some matters time limits apply with which to file and lodge an application. Do not put off making an appointment. It is best to find out where you stand and what options are available to you as soon as practicable before you are out of time.

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